It's okay! They're Italian!

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It's okay, they're italian
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A Nathan/Peter Prompting Community

We absolutely encourage you to browse over the prompts and continue posting & commenting. There are no deadlines in this community.

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It's okay! They're Italian!: A Nathan/Peter Heroes Hiatus Fest Prompting Community

Influenced by the likes of barefootboys, a seasonal Remus/Sirius prompting community. Brought to life in order to get us through the long, torturous months that are unaffectionately known as HIATUS.

If you so wish to participate in our little Hiatus Fest, you can expect daily prompts which may or may not include music, poetry, lyrics, video, photos, quotes, and much, much more. You may post whenever and wherever you like, just so long as you do it! Help keep our heads above water during these dreadful times. The fandom needs you! &etc.


1. Fic and Art accepted, as long as they contain the pairing Nathan/Peter. (It should be said here that Milo/Adrian aka RPS will also be accepted, because I say so.)

2. Please put said fic and art behind a cut and use appropriate warning when material is of the adult nature.

3. Tag your posts with your username as well as the prompt day. For example, author: bigfiction, day 2

4. No flaming, por favor. If Petrellicest is not your cup of tea, go have a cup at someone else's table.

5. No spamming and/or off topic posts. They will be deleted. Full stop. The end.

6. You are required by law to pimp this community to your mother, your brother, and the rest of the world. No really. *twirls handcuffs*

Thanks, your friendly mods
oh_mcgee and bigfiction
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